Santo Lange at the Golf Stream Park hosted Roberto Levermann benefits organized by his family and friends. Mexican actor, writer and the most important cancer survivor, celebrated his several months’ long fight and recovery from the illness. Performance by Roberto’s friends: Ms Vanesa Cruz, Willie Panama and Lourdes Atencio Fashion Show were just few of many evening surprises.
Seen at the Scene: Roberto Levermann, Flor Levermann, Marco A Rodriguez Levermann, Carluka Suarez, Oscar Romero, Gabriel Porras, Sonia Smith, Lourdes Atencio, Willie Panama, Jerome Vincenti, Clarisa Klein, Gleybert Tesman, Alexander Silva, Sara Nunez, Steve Bocaranda, Alexis Aguilar, Anna Paula Apollonio, Rodolfo Jimenez...

Event hotsed at:
Santo Launge
501 South Federal Highway, Suite 2499, Hallandale

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