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    Miami Beach, FL – January 2013:  The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, together with renowned Miami Beach party aficionado, Gerry Kelly, delivered the ultimate STUDIO 54 New Years Eve celebration, hosted by the nation’s beloved dancing queen, Karina Smirnoff, from Dancing With The Stars, at The Catalina Hotel on South Beach this week, attended by more than 1000 party goers.
The legendary Studio 54 party from the swinging seventies was recreated within the sexiest boutique hotel in South Florida as ticket holders and passers-by were memorized by the full-scale outdoor production that brought Collins Avenue to a complete standstill.  The lobby of The Catalina Hotel was transformed into a Disco Dance Room with an LED dance floor, while DJ Panic Bomber provided disco beats in to the early hours of 2013.  The Groovy Cocktail Lounge within Maxine’s Bamboo Pool area was overflowing with a stylish crowd of VIPs while Miami Beach’s own celebrated masters of Latin funk and soul, Spam Allstars brought their live acoustic performance on to the outdoor patio stage in front of hotel, complete with seventies costumed dancers wearing platform heels that towered over the buckets of bubbly in the VIP area.

The evening’s celebrity host, Karina Smirnoff, made a grand entrance, escorted by hotel owner, Nathan Lieberman, for photos on the red carpet with Alan and Diane Lieberman, event promoter Gerry Kelly and Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower, while onlookers clambered for their own pictures alongside the Dancing with the Stars icon who was wearing a stunning knee-length dress by Jovani, that shimmered with every paparazzi flash.

"If this is what the original Studio 54 was like, then I want to go back in time and check it out. This has been a blast!" said Smirnoff. "I wanted to dance my way into the New Year and thanks to the incredible Spam Allstars my friends and I made it happen! It was the perfect way to start 2013!”

As the numerous cheers and countdowns to midnight began throughout the hotel property, Smirnoff took to the stage as the crowd converged around the patio for the evening’s main toast to the New Year for which the trained ballroom dancer made on the band’s microphone.  “I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!” said Smirnoff, as her countdown with champagne toast echoed over the loud speakers across Collins Avenue.

“Our Studio 54 New Years Eve party was, without a doubt, the most epic end-of-year celebration we have ever had,” said Nathan Lieberman, owner of The Catalina Hotel. “Disco fever was abundant along Collins Avenue in South Beach on Monday night and we were treated to a very special dance floor performance by the queen of Dancing with the Stars!”
1/9/2013 12:18:21 am

These amazing photos perfectly capture the essence of a Gerry Kelly party. The fun, the color, the ambiance, the party atmosphere and the fabulous people!!!


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