Alison Thompson "The Third Wave" second books signing event in Miami, took place at Coral Gables Books and Books. With a full house Alison with a lot of emotion and passion was reading her book and was sharing her stories. Guests that attend to the event   had they own volunteers stories to share with gathered crowd. 
Alison book "The Third Wave" is now available at select book stores around the country.

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“The process of helping people is often a complicated task but at the same time, anybody can do it and no experience is required. Through common sense and the wish to help others I hope to encourage people to reach inside to pull out ‘the best in themselves.”
-Alison Thompson
Alison Thompson is a humanitarian and disaster relief veteran. She is a nurse, math teacher, investment banker and filmmaker. Following the Asian tsunami 2004 disaster, she travelled to Sri Lanka for two weeks to volunteer and ended up staying for two years running a refugee camp and field hospital at Peraliya Village. Upon her return from Asia, Thompson directed an award-winning documentary called "The Third Wave" about the volunteering tsunami experience ( Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Thompson set out with a group of doctors and volunteers to establish Petionville IDP Camp which cares for over 60,000 people. As part founder, Thompson continues to develop and support WE ADVANCE, which aims to create a grassroots movement empowering Haitian women to collaborate toward making healthcare a priority, and putting an end to GBV within their communities.